Letter from USA Archery

After 18 straight months of membership growth, USA Archery has shattered our membership records and surpassed a new milestone of 25,000 members, 25,507 to be exact. In 2022, USA Archery saw record membership numbers; broke nearly every national event attendance record; tapped into new audiences to recruit into our great sport; launched our state records platform; and initiated new Strategic Plans for 2022-2028. While this past year has been busy, we’re not slowing down.

Since the organization was founded in 1879, USA Archery has supported athletes to World Championships, Olympic and Paralympic podiums, hosted thousands of tournaments across the U.S., sent athletes to multiple international championships, certified thousands of instructors, coaches and judges and has grown membership 335% within the past 10 years.

This significant growth necessitates an equally meaningful progression of how we present ourselves to our membership, the archery community, and new audiences. To that end, we are pleased to present the newly designed USA Archery brand logo. We understand that a brand mark is simply a graphic treatment until an organization lives up to its ideals and makes it meaningful. Our hope is that you will see this clean, modern logo as a signal that we are preparing for the continued growth of USA Archery, for the inclusivity of all people, equipment types and disciplines.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year.
Rod Menzer
CEO USA Archery

Take aim in style.

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Questions & Answers

Why change USA Archery’s logo now?
Through the years, our logo started showing its age. Moving into the future, we wanted to update our logo to something more modern and energetic. In addition, USA Archery is at a point where we can capitalize on our current growth as we look ahead to Paris 2024 and the LA 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We have grown and will continue to grow, and we’d like a mark to represent and reflect that growth.
What was the driving strategy behind this new look?
We need a brand that can resonate with our current members, while also appealing to new audiences of all ages. We want our brand to feel modern and welcoming. Equally important, we need a mark that can represent our athletes and the United States on the world stage and at home. We carefully balanced a modern look with the unique diversity of equipment, disciplines and people while holding onto our history. We feel we have achieved this with our new brand identity.
What does USA Archery expect to achieve with the new logo?
A new logo is simply a graphic treatment, and that USA Archery will continue to work to maintain our values, focus on our work, operate with organizational integrity and transparency, and aspire to move forward and grow. We hope our new logo communicates this to our valued stakeholders.
Why do I still see the old USA Archery logo on documents and videos?
We are working diligently to update all USA Archery awards, policies, forms, and resources. You’ll continue to see our old logo for a short period of time as we continue to update everything USA Archery has to offer.
Do I have to start my JOAD or Adult Archery achievement award pin program all over again?
No, continue to work on achieving your awards and pins. Have fun mixing the old logo with the new logo. Achievement award pins will be updated ongoing so you may see one pin having the new logo before you see another pin with the new logo.
Are items that I have with the old logo obsolete?
No, coach patches, award pins, medals, and certificates with the old USA Archery logo are just as relevant as items with the new logo. Coach and judge patches are all new in the storefront so when you purchase a patch now, you will receive the new brand.
I’m a judge, can I continue to wear my old judge gear?
Yes, Judge polos and other apparel are still relevant and can be worn while officiating events. Look for communications from USA Archery regarding new Judge apparel options coming soon.